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General Responses:

February 03, 2004 jack writes:



My name is jack e. jett. I am from Texas. I have nothing to sell. I host a TV show on pop subculture and was out surfing sites. I came across yours and thought it was very interesting.

Keep up the good work.


Jack E. Jett



February 13, 2004 bkbabe1122 writes:

this is hilarious

i thought that your website was funny

February 14, 2004 JasonFLAinvestor writes:

You're cruel

I am an Afghan and we don't support Bin Laden or the taliban and you're racist. We don't make fun of white people so why do you make fun of Afghans?

February 26, 2004 danielbarnett911 writes:

re:my opinion for what its worth

I was reading the hate mail and I found myself laughing-jokes are jokes and you shouldn't take them personally-human beings naturally deal with things they find difficut with humour. I am jewish yet I find ALL jewish jokes very funny the reason being because I can laugh at myself. My friend is Indian and he has no problem whatso ever with racist jokes for the same reason. The general view with the hate mail seems to be that there are some things you can't joke about but the simple truth is that when there are evil situations, people joke to lighten it up (that may be my opinion as an english person so feel free to tear my thoery to pieces) I would just like to add that i have no problem with this site, in fact it is very funny. I have tried to keep the ranting out of this message but am up for arguing with anyone who wants to comment on what i have said.

March 26, 2004: sinnercactus@yahoo.com writes:


chupa me el chorizo stupet cojido gay putos mal cojidos por sus padres pisa tu abuela pinche racistas ariva MEXICO CABRONES HIJO DE TU PINCHE PERRA MADRE BROWN IS HOT!! FUCK U GRINGO

March 26, 2004: sinnercactus@yahoo.com writes:



December 28, 2003: IceHeartedBitch writes:

Polaks and Lesbians

To all you Polish people out there: Get over it. And people from Lesbos are Lesbosians, NOT lesbians. I never get offended by blonde jokes, and I'm blonde. You all should find something worth griping about, like children with no homes and not enough to eat. If you want to make a difference, don't post to this site...go to a local homeless shelter and donate some food or clothing. SHEESH.

December 14, 2003: Amandaeh14 writes:

ethnic jokes, etc.

To Harris Creative Group:
I'm not writing this letter to complain about your ethnic jokes website. I've been looking through it, and decided to make a few suggestions. For example, eliminate the word 'polak' from the Polish jokes. Even though I'm Polish-American, I personally don't find the word insulting. After all, the word 'polak' means simply, in the Polish language, a man from Poland. But then, most ethnic swears arrive from the correct form of the race/nationality. Like the word 'nigger' comes from 'negro,' which is a word for an African-American, and 'Jap' obviously comes from 'Japanese.' I'm not sure if 'pinko' is a bad word for Russian immigrants and their descendants, but I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with Russia being a Communist country and pink coming from red which is a Communist symbol. The point is, most Polish-Americans get insulted just as much when they are called polaks just as much as Japanese-Americans get insulted by the word 'Jap' and black people get insulted with the word 'nigger.'

Another suggestion: EVEN OUT THE JOKES. Make something there for everyone. Like if you have Jewish jokes, create some Christian jokes for them to laugh at, and for gay/lesbian jokes, make some 'straight' jokes. And for every Irish/Mexican/Italian/Polish joke, try adding a few WASP jokes here and there. (isn't it ironic that the nationalities that have been considered 'inferior' to American WASPs for a century or so are nations that are mostly populated by Roman Catholics?) You can even go as far to creating American jokes. Because after all, since you like to poke fun at other nationalities, why not make some for your own? (A Hint: When I visited Poland, my friends there have created their own response to Polish jokes in the Chicago region: Yanko jokes.)

The funny thing about people is that each group of people have some sort of stereotype for another group, and that there is not a single group that hasn't been ridiculed/ persecuted/ etc. only for the way they were. A lot of Poles hate Germans, most Ukrainians hate the Poles, Khmers hate Thais, Americans hate the French, the French hate the British, blacks think white people are dirty-rich racists, white people think black people are racist drug dealers, blacks and whites alike think Asians have very high IQs, men think all feminists are lesbians, feminists think men are sexist bastards. where does it end? I'm happy for your website because it makes fun of those stereotypes as well as the group of people it represents. Besides, a lot of them really are funny.

P.S.: Don't be so hard on that other guy. (I forgot his name but I know that he is another Polish-American who wrote an angry letter with some spelling errors) After all, Poland has been invaded seventeen times in history before it finally became a free republic two decades ago, so we Polaks get a little touchy about our heritage.

November 24, 2003: innocentgyl@blackplanet.com writes:

The Not so Funny African American Jokes Posted.

Your so called ethnic jokes are not funny. They are offensive. Maybe you should retitle the category "Jokes for all racist bastards and their KKK family members". Why do you allow jokes which refer to African children and people as monkeys to be posted on your pages? Remember African people were not the people visiting Africa to gain knowledge and then savagely killing the Africans. I am not calling any particular group of people animals but you should understand my frustration. These jokes are not funny. Perhaps if I write some of my own "racially" offensive jokes I can force the "white" world to understand. I will keep complaining until those jokes are removed. Thank you for reading.

- Very pissed off HUMAN BEING

October 24, 2003: elvato8@aol.com writes:

Mexican humor

Get rid of your "Mexican Humor" A curse on your house if you don't. (from indigenous blood)

In June, 2003 : i.e.mcculloch writes:

Iraq humor

Not funny. Never mind the ideology (which is questionable in the extreme), the jokes aren't actually funny.

March 27,2002: MexicanoCHingon@aol.com spews:


Chinguen a su madre pinches gringos putos...

July 11, 2002, Sean responds:

Jan I loved your letter. With your Swartzeneger grasp of the English language, combined with the fact that the best thing you could find to criticize was my
spelling, you proved my point better than I could.

You still haven't figured out that a hatred of Poles is not racism, and will not become racism simply because your little liberal mind wishes it to be so. Sorry, but facts are facts.

You have decided that our whole society is to blame because of your claimed incident at a voters booth. in your letter you state: "I was told "We don't let Polaks vote here!" This racist society denied me a basic right-A RIGH TO VOTE. Why, because I'm Polish (or as this racist society puts it a "Polak")."

Now I ask you this, If this incident really happened, which I doubt, was it the society which denied you your right to vote, or was it an individual at the voting booth. If we judge the society by the actions of individual members, then I would have to judge the society of Poland based upon you, and state that all Poles are dumb polaks. But since I'm not like you, I'll choose to judge you as an individual, and determine that your rectal cranium inversion was not a result of your heritage, but probably resulted from a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream during birth.

Back in 1997 I had the privilege to tour your country, as well as several other countries, and what I found did not surprise me. People are people all over the world. Warsaw is just as full of racists as Seoul or Paris or Atlanta. People fear what they don't understand, and that fear often turns to hatred. A person of your obviously dismally low IQ, would tend to fear, and then hate, quite a bit. Your letter shows this theory to be valid.

You have elected to label every single person born in this country as racist, and since, in your idiotic ranting, you say there is no difference between national originism and racism, then your own statements brand you as a racist. Are you becoming that which you despise or are you simply too ignorant to grasp the subtleties involved?

Since you aren't bright enough to design your own response to this letter, I'm sure you'll resort to spell-checking again as a means of disqualifying my statements. When you do, please note that I left your quote intact, including where you misspelled the word "right". You may not be aware of this, but even when English is capitalized, we still include the letter "t".

Needless to say, you are going to condemn me as a racist for this response to your ranting, but before you do, let me clarify something for you. I don't dislike you because you come from Poland. That would make me a nationalist. I don't dislike you because you are presumably Caucasian, that would be racism. I dislike you for your own individual merits such as your general lack of intelligence and your attitudes. If that makes me a racist, so be it.

Keep your small minded opinions flowing, the world needs more idiots.

Sean, Deltona Florida.

June 22, 2002, Jan Visla Responds: Reply to Sean, Deltona Florida

Sean, usually I don't reply to idiots such as yourself however, after reading your twisted comments I felt compelled to do so. I realize you have the right that entitles you to voice your opinions (no matter how stupid they may be). Keep in mind I don't have the time or the nerves to comment on everything you wrote.

First of all you can dissect it any way you want it racist or national origin-discrimination is discrimination however you slice it.

Second, I think you are missing the whole point (just as any idiot would). There's nothing wrong with humor however, when you use term "Polak"-it is not a joke. I would be perfectly happy if someone told me a Polish joke not a "Polak" joke. Don't go far--take a good look at this site. Warren Harris
(a typical American racist) chooses to use "Polak" in his so-called jokes. Why does he use term "African-American jokes" not "Nigger jokes?" That's because black people in this racist society fought and won a little respect and basic rights. I can only imagine and sympathize what black people had
to endure throughout history of this racist nation. It's a shame that America had not learned anything from its racist past and still chooses to discriminate other minorities i.e. Polish people.

Let me give you an example. A few years back I obtained a "US citizenship" Following an official court session I obtained my certificate and proceeded to a voting registration table located just outside the courtroom. Guess what I was told when I approached the counter and advised I would like to register to vote? I was told "We don't let Polaks vote here!" How do you think I should feel about this (and countless other similar incidences)? Everyone here talks about rights, amendments, freedoms, etc... This racist society denied me a basic right-A RIGH TO VOTE. Why, because I'm Polish (or as this racist society puts it a "Polak").

Where to you think this kind of attitude and eventual mistreatment comes from? First it starts with so called "Polak" jokes. Then Americans start to literally believe that garbage. After that, it's just a matter of time before those racist beliefs are applied against Polish people.

Don't think for a second that these so called "Polak" jokes are absolutely harmless and are mere "survival trait to deal with emotional pain." What the hell are you surviving? How do you deal with "emotional pain" by discriminating, putting someone down through racial jokes, or denying
someone their basic rights just because he or she is of certain national origin?

You say it's "derogitory" (I think you meant "derogatory") to say someone is on drugs. Yet it's perfectly O.K. in this racist society to refer to Polish people as "Polaks or White Niggers." I don't expect you to understand after all you are not Polish living in a racist society. Are you Sean?

If your analogy is true let's consider this scenario: On 11 Sep 01, 19 individuals; crashed four airplanes, destroyed World Trade center complex, destroyed part of the Pentagon, and killed 3,047 people. How did they accomplish this task? WITH BOX CUTTERS...! If this is not funny--I don't
know what is. Hey Sean, don't take it the wrong way, as you said, "I'm just dealing with emotional pain."

Sean, I'm glad "spineless Pole" learned the English language--too bad you have not. Let me give you a piece of advice. It is extremely obvious that you have hidden racial tendencies streaming form the way you refer to "spineless Pole." Before you give any advice (to anyone), I strongly suggest you learn how to spell first.

I understand Sesame Street concept may be way beyond your little undeveloped brain to grasp, given the fact that you cannot even spell Sesame Street. However, twice a day sessions, your patience, persistence and determination will hopefully pay off in a few yeas. I suggest you start with the following; first learn the English alphabet. After accomplishing this very complex task you may want to advance into actually putting the abc's together and actually forming simple words like;

- embarrassment NOT "embarassment"
- irrelevant NOT "irrelavent"
- derogatory NOT "derogitory"
- usurp NOT "ussurp"
- amendment NOT "ammendment"
- Latinos, Orientals, Mongols, NOT "latinos, orientals, mongols,..."
- applies NOT "applys"
- sessions NOT "sesions"

While learning abc's please consider learning some numbers too. I don't know if you remember but combination of Florida idiots like you almost ruined the last presidential elections.

After you mastered the alphabet and basic concept of numbers--the sky is the limit. I don't know if you aware of this fact, but you can actually put the words together and start making some meaningful sentences. You can do more with sentences however, that's way to complex for your primitive American mind. Good luck, I'm confident you'll do just fine and after a few years of
leaning the basics of the English language you'll come back and actually start making some sense. You are an absolute disgrace and frankly an embarrassment to all the Yankees (or a person or persons residing, or having close ties with, people living up north-if you prefer). Hey Warren, "keep
up the good work on your site?" Why? Because it discriminates and perpetrates idiotic American idea that all-Polish people are stupid.

I don't expect you to learn anything from this letter because, personally I think talking to you (or any American racist) is just like a black person attempting to make a point at a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) convention.

Stay tuned and keep on laughing RACIST AMERICA...

March 7, 2002, Sean, Deltona Florida Writes: Who let the liberals out?
Webster's dictionary defines racism as: (1) A doctrine or teaching, without scientific support, that claims to find racial differences in character, intelligence, etc., that asserts the superiority of one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or the races. (2) Any program or practice of racial discrimination, segregation, etc., based on such beliefs.

Usually I don't sweat it when liberals ignore the facts of a situation and forment an opinion based purely upon their own twisted emotional views, but I felt I just had to make an exception this time. A simple study on humor will quickly reveal that any joke results in the injury to another (either real or imagined), and this is because we, as homo sapiens, have developed humor as a survival trait to deal with emotional pain. Try and think of a single joke where there isn't somebody put in some sort of bad light, either through embarassment or outright physical trauma. Kinda hard, ain't it?


John Hearn
"Yet, when you refer to Polish people you use racist term (Polaks).  Why?" John, I'm not sure how a joke about the good people of Poland can be considered racist. After all, being Polish is a matter of national origin, not of race, hence the word "racism" is incorrect. Of course to a fact twisting liberal, facts are irrelavent. A few years ago I participated in a tour going from Warsaw, south through Czestochowa, finally ending in Krakow. I found it to be a lovely country, peopled with virtually all the races known to man. I met black Poles, white Poles, and even an oriental Pole. Face the facts, being a Polish national is not a racial identity. Somehow you even managed to drag the 9/11 tragedy into your diatribe, even though that attack had nothing to do with racism. Those b@stards who perpetrated that act were not looking to kill blacks, they were not looking to kill whites, they were looking to kill Americans, and for that they shall pay dearly. You further claim (although you fail to reveal your source) that MHofst is utilizing drugs. How can you possibly make such a claim without a single shred of evidence? Here's a clue for you John, just because somebody believes in something that you don't, does not mean that they are a drug addict. Your comments concerning this are derogitory in nature and unexcusable for someone who is trying (unsuccessfully) to hold some kind of moral high ground. I happen to agree with Mhofst that our constitution is under attack, with the 1st, 2nd, and 4th ammendments suffering the most casualties from folks like yourself who feel that it is a "living document, subject to change". I adopted this opinion from watching the news. Maybe you should spend a little more time gathering data and a little less time flapping your gums. Have you even bothered to read the Bill of Rights so you know what you are arguing about?
Probably not, since, as I've stated before, to a liberal, facts are irrelivant. Here's a sample: Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech... What this means in a nutshell is, If I want to stand on a soapbox and refer to you using every slanderous, bigoted, prejudiced phrase I can think of, so long as I do so peacefully, I am acting within the rights established by our forefathers over 200 years ago. Those who would attempt to ussurp this right cunder the guise of political correctness, are attacking the 1st ammendment. Pretty simple. You also whine to Kerry Graves about the fact that he is not a target of racism. Just by reading what Kerry wrote, I am unable to determine exactly what race Kerry is a member of. Obviously you have been able to determine this, and you have found that Kerry somehow belongs to a group that is not constantly under attack by somebody. That would exclude whites, blacks, latinos, orientals, mongols,...Hell, I can't think of a single race that hasn't been the brunt of some kind of racial attack. Can you share your wisdom with us?

A certain spineless pole who wishes to remain anonymous "Hi, "Polak" jokes you are bunch of fucking yankee racists."
Mr. Spineless, I don't have the energy to repeat myself, even for one such as yourself, with such a brilliant grasp of the english language. See my note to John. It applys to you as well, with one subtle difference. Yankee, as it is most commonly utilized in American idiom, refers to a person or persons residing, or having close ties with, people living up north, specifically, those persons above the geographical indicator known as the Mason-Dixon line. The address that the Harris Group displays is in Plano Texas. I'm not sure where you went to school, but where I come from, Texas is considered to be in the south. I think a few sesions with Sesamee Street's Grover are in order. He can set you straight on such difficult to understand concepts like up, down, near, far, north and south. Check him out. He's on PBS.

Ok, Ok, I'll stop ranting.
Good night ya'll, keep up the good work on your site.
Sean, Deltona Florida

July 3, 2001, Kerri Graves Writes: You can make fun of my color, age, weight, religion, and I would still laugh. All these people who are offended by these jokes need to lighten up. They were not ment to be personal so get over it. I think your web site is a riot and I really enjoy it. People who spend their time being pissed off by someone whom they'll never meet because they wrote an "offensive joke" obviously have no lives. I am offended by the ass hole liberals who whine and complain that "you've hurt my feelings" and in the next breath their bitchin' about their freedom of speech. Loosers! I'm laughing twice as hard at you!!!!-Kerri Graves

July 10, 2001, Snowgod Writes: You've got a funny site!  I'm still laughing out loud.  Way to go!  If you need more material or pics. lets me know and I'll hook you up!  :o)   Ron

Polish Joke Responses 

January 17, 2004, Angrypolish@dieUSA.com spews:

You stupid fuck

Next time people like Pulawski, Kosciuszko or soldiers from Ander's Army will think twice before they will die for such a poor mother fuckers, ass holes and idiots like you.

July 5, 2003, polfriendusa writes:

Polish Jokes Harmed Me When I Was A Child

Body: Jokes like your's have hurt me when I came from Poland, as a child. Not only I felt out of place in USA but also "stupid". I heard jokes about Polish Americans being stupid and since I was straight from Poland I felt that everyone thought I was even more stupid. I was sent here, I was adopted, it wasn't because of my free will. I was promised a paradise in USA but instead I've found a lot of people like you. I would advice you to delete your stupid site before it harms other Polish children.

In June, 2003 amerykanin writes:

We will never forget...

Hi! I'm Polish. I saw your Polak jokes. I like most of them but I'm pretty amazed how much hate you must keep against people of my nation without probably knowing anything about our geographical location, history, achievements.
You put your "we will never forget banner" but that looks like a crap since your stupid "nation" probably forgot about Kosciuszko and Pulaski who fought to save your asses at the beginning of your nation's history.
Over millenium of Poland's history was a long lesson to all people of Poland. A lot of them had to abandon their homeland because of dismantling of the country in XVIII century and then - World Wars and Soviet occupation. Some people went to the US speaking no English. Especially those from rural or mountain areas. This probably could somehow justify your bad imagination about our mental abilities.
I heard a lot about poor quality of your high school education (especially: maths, physics, geography, history, chemistry) which I was able to check personally working with Americans in a company in Malaysia.
However I learned from your webpage that "Polak" is a bad word in English and being in the US I will golota (atomic punch in the lower area of your belly) everyone that speaks out that word - so beware!!!
PS. Those big white dummie-looking guys are rather Russians than Polish, but you cant figure out that.
2nd post scriptum for the ladies: Polish women are the most beautiful in the World.

In June, 2003 niko80cz writes:

Polack Jokes

These jokes are extraordinarily mediocre, if not pathetic. Please, next time, try getting better *dowcipy* on this website. It is such a pity that filthy trash Americans like yourself couldn't have been nailed and sent to a coffin like those on September 11.

On December 8, 2000, "a certain spineless pole who wishes to remain anonymous" spake thusly: 
Hi, "Polak" jokes you are bunch of fucking yankee racists.


On January 1, 2001, "a certain spineless pole who wishes to remain anonymous" blathered on:
To: Harris Creative Group

Iíve noticed that you displayed a quote on your web page (http://www.rantnroll.com/html/polish.html) from my previous e-mail "On December 8, 2000, NAME DELETED spake thusly: Hi, "Polak" jokes you are bunch of fucking yankee racists." Although it would be nice for you to inform me that you would include my name on your web site without my permission, I donít expect to be treated fairly in this country - a fact of life in America.

Although I was not very eloquent when I sent that e-mail (I never am when it comes to racism in America) and your site made me extremely angry that day, I request you remove my name from your web site.

One more think since your website is so preoccupied in perpetrating racism in this country and you seem to be extremely knowledgeable in this arena maybe you can help me. Iím doing some research on origins of "Polak" jokes Ė do you know where it originated? Does it have some specific origin or is it just an American mindset to discriminate?

Please let me know


"a certain spineless pole who wishes to remain anonymous"

Ps. I like your web site. However, in my opinion you could spent your time combating racism and prejudicial views instead of perpetrating them.


On January 4, 2001 "a certain spineless pole who wishes to remain anonymous" yammered on in the following manner:
Hi, again
FYI - in the previous e-mail I requested you remove my name from your racist
veb site. I still see it there.
What part of the sentence "Please remove my name from your web site." don't
you understand?

By the way check out the banner I just created and posted on my web page: As
long as you keep my name on your racist web site I'll keep the banner.

On January 12, 2001, Adam A. Brostow writes:


Maybe you don't know but a Lesbian is a native of Lesbos, a Greek island off coast of Turkey. One of the greatest ancient Greek poets was known as Sappho the Lesbian. It is said that women from Lesbos, including Sappho, were known to like other women.   

Of course stupid, primitive, ignorant people who know nothing about world geography, history, or poetry, will still find this joke entertaining.   

A dumb polak.


On May 1, 2001 MHofst writes:

Yugoslavia - the Joke of the World !!

You forget that one country that makes polacks look like erudite scholars ---- namely: Yugoslavia !!  A Slob is the president.  Their highest technological achievement was the Yugo.  Their national dish (considered a delicacy) is:  Burnt Toast & Rotten Eggs (have to get it at just the right stage of rot.......and just the right amount of carbon black for maximum bitterness.......).

--------- 1st Amendment = freedom of speech, absolute freedom of speech and press (text, print).  Why are so many Americans trying to repeal this amendment with things like "political-correctedness" and other speech-limiting legislation??  I say: the only thing that should be censored is: "political-correctedness" !!!!!!!!!!!!  Am I right, or am I right?????


On October 7, 2001 John Hearn writes:

Mr. Warren

I browsed through your web pages and I would like to tell you how extremely disappointed I am with your web page.  You left me with an impression that you are a flag-waving bigot.  First you pretend to be a patriot by displaying American flags on your web pages with words "September 11, 2001.We Will Never Forget."  You better don't forget!  What happened in NY on 11 Sep 01, was caused by deep hatred.  What do you think you are doing by calling Polish people Polaks?  What have these people done do you that give you a right to put them down this way?  Polak is a racist term.  In your web pages you write "African-American, American, Australian Humor, Canadian Humor, Italian Humor, Irish Humor, Jewish Humor, Mexicans."  Yet, when you refer to Polish people you use racist term (Polaks).  Why?

What happened in NY on 11 Sep 01, was a very visible demonstration of what hatred can do.  There are over 7,000 people dead in NY.  Could you pause for just a second and once in your life "think!"  As far as I'm concerned, people like you are co-equally responsible for what happened in NY.  Is it really too much to ask of you to treat people with respect and human dignity?  If you insist that these "Polak jokes" are harmless-go to NY and take a good look where hatred leads and what hatred is capable of doing.  If your racist heart really desires to discriminate against Polish people at least refer to them as Polish, NOT "Polacks."

In regards to what "MHofst wrote on May 1, 2001."  "--------- 1st Amendment = freedom of speech, absolute freedom of speech and press (text, print). Why are so many Americans trying to repeal this amendment with things like "political-correctedness" and other speech-limiting legislation?? I say: the only thing that should be censored is: "political-correctedness" !!!!!!!!!!!! Am I right, or am I right?????"

"MHofst" I don't know what kind of drugs are you on or where you get your demented ideas that "so many Americans trying to repeal this amendment."  Nobody is trying to repel this amendment!  1st Amendment, it's a wonderful thing however, if I understand you correctly, you are trying to hide your racist views behind the 1st Amendment.  Racism and 1st Amendment have nothing to do with each other.  1st Amendment does not give you a right to discriminate, dehumanize, or to promote hatred toward a specific ethnic group.  Racially motivated "Polak jokes" are a far cry from an idea of the 1st Amendment.  Get off drugs and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to see the difference.

And as for what "Kerri Graves Wrote on July 3, 2001."  I'm not arguing about making fun of "color, age, weight, religion," I'm talking about racially motivated so called "Polak jokes" that continue to bread hatred in this racist nation.  Obviously, you cannot even begin to fathom what Polish people go through in this racist nation--how can you not be offended by these so-called "Polak jokes?"  Easy for you to say when you are not a target of racism or racial slurs.  "Lighten up" you say?  Easy for you to say.  I got a better suggestion, why don't you "lighten up and simply stop the hatred and treat everyone with respect and human dignity-when you do that, America may be a better place for all.  "They were not ment to be personal?"  Guess what?  What happened in NY/DC on 11 Sep 01, was NOT PERSONAL--DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT Kerri Graves?

Those "so called Polack jokes" are extremely personal but, once again how would you know--you can't even begin to understand what people feel when they are being a target of discrimination.  "People who spend their time being pissed off by someone whom they'll never meet because they wrote an "offensive joke" obviously have no lives?"  People that create, advertise, and endorse these racist views have no lives.

Are you "pissed of at what happened in NY on 11 Sep 01?  Why should you?  After all there are over 7,000 people dead in NY of "whom you'll never met"  (eat your own words).  Are you still insisting on "laughing?"  Go ahead "laugh twice as hard" if you want to.  You are a strange animal indeed.  Hatred caused it-open your eyes for once--Kerri Graves!!!!!!

God another racist--"Snowgod"-I can't stomach your attitude either "Polak jokes" constitute "a funny site!?"  Are you "still laughing out loud-Mr. Racist?"


Concerned citizen

JFK Jr Responses

On February 22, 2004 youaresick@getalife.com writes:



On December 22. 1999, greedywoman@webtv.net writes:

I think that you are a bunch of sick bastards. You are so low that you have to crack jokes about the dead. They aren't here to defend themselves and those of you who have written those jokes are too ignorant to give a damn. If any of you have a personal problem with what I have said, feel free to email me. In the mean time, I HOPE YOUR WEB SITE GETS TERMINATED!!!!

George W Bush Responses

On January 15, 2001, J. Corn writes:

I cannot thank you enough for making my day!  Your page and articles are very creative, hilarious and unique!  I had received a copy of the "Time" page from a friend and have it framed and in my office.  Now that I know your site address, I will continue to be on the look out for your articles. 

Loved all the Bush Tales.  Keep up your absolutely wonderful work! 

J. Corn, Colorado  


One-Liner Responses

On January 31, 2001, Linda writes:

I found you while surfing for one liners. I have to tell you this is the best site on the net. I have not laughed so much in my life. Have turned all my friends on to this fun. It will take me years to get through all the jokes you have.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

Jewish Joke Responses

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