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Voice Over by Warren Harris

Voice Over Sample Site for various artists

Published works by Warren P. Harris


We maintain our own in-house digital 8-track (ADAT) facility for direct in-house Voice Overs as well as VO demos for interested individuals. Most projects can be turned around in 24 hours. Just fax us the copy and you can have a DAT tape in the next day's FEDEX! In addition to ADAT, the studio is equipped with two synthesizers and guitar, Quadraverb 2, Symetrix 528E, 425 processors, Mackie mixer, Sony DAT, Aiwa cassette deck and PC-based digital recording / editing via Samplitude Pro and Sound Forge 4.0. If you are in the Dallas Area and need to update your demo tape, please call.

In addition to our recording facility and direct Voice Over work, we also distribute VO samples of other people's voices via the Internet. For a detailed listing of our current lineup, check out the Voice Over Sample page We are not an agency. We do not directly represent any of the talent (Warren included). Our voice over site is merely a clearing house to help highly talented 'voices' at any location world-wide reach a larger audience. All negotiations for fees, etc., are handled by the VO artists agent or unrepresented artist directly.