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I wouldn't go so far as to call this a 'comprehensive' listing of links, but at least they're categorized.
Great Site!


Computer Hardware

bullet Adaptec - SCSI interfaces.
bullet Asus - Motherboards and Video
bullet Creative Labs - Sound Cards
bullet Diamond - Video Accelerators, Multimedia solutions.
bullet Fujitsu - Hard Drives
bullet IBM - "Big Blue" home page.
bullet Intel - CPUs, Motherboards, Network solutions.
bullet Maxtor - Hard Drives -- and Quantum
bullet Seagate - Hard Drives, Tape Drives, Backup Software.
bullet Toshiba - CD-ROM drives, computers.
bullet Watchguard Technologies - firewalls
bullet Western Digital - Hard Drives, Tape Drives. Backup Software.

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Computer Software

The choices for Internet Security / Antivirus / Anti-Spam / Anti-Spyware / Firewall solutions are so numerous it's hard to know which one is the right choice for you. We've assembled a selection of links for the most prominent products right here so you can evaluate for yourself the options.

To evaluate and purchase any of the AVG Secrurity Products, Click Here.

Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007

CA Anti-Spyware 2007

Free Scans from CA

CA Anti-Spam 2007

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0

Rising Antivirus 2006

Spam Filter for Outlook and Outlook Express


Trend Micro's PC-cillin Internet Security 2007

Spyware Solver by NoAdware

WinTasks - Increase System Security & Performance

In the Non-Security Category, you might be interested in these products as well:

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Free Registry Scan

Creator 9 Suite

bullet Act Software - Makers of Act! Contact Management Software
bullet Certsites - Certification sites for MCSE, CNE, etc.
bullet Gibson Research - Shields Up! - test your firewall online.
bullet Goldmine Software Corporation - Contact Manager.
bullet Microsoft - You name it...
bullet Microsoft Knowledge Base 
bullet Netscape - Web browser / server software (we use it, so should you).
bullet PkWare - Pkzip / Pkunzip website for downloading their newest version of what may be the most popular software compression utility on the market (shareware).
bullet RealAudio - real-time audio encoding / decoding software.
bullet Symantec - Norton, pcANYWHERE, Ghost, Winfax etc.
bullet SARC (Symantec AntiVirus Research Center)
bullet Tucows - download almost anything!
bullet Winzip - Windows - based (3.1 and Win95/98/NT) file archiving/compression utility (shareware).
bullet Zone Labs - Software Firewall Systems

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Humor Sites

bullet - how do You feel about your insurance company?
bullet Assassin! -- Assassinate your favorite celebrities!
bullet The Corporation - For some nice fresh humor try The Corporation! Very funny and very_necessary in today's fast-paced world -- enjoy!
bullet Dumb Blond Jokes - When you're tired of being so serious, go check this out - now local to our own server (some questionable and fairly misogynistic content - those easily offended should not select this link).
bullet Florida Ballot - a very funny look at the latest voting fiasco.
bullet The Hamster Dance - This is just extremely silly -- but very cute!
bullet The Jesus Dance - Irreverent and, if you liked The Hamster Dance, a must see! -- Now on the following Links:
Mirror 1 - Joe

Mirror 4 - Mike
bullet Pythonline - Yep, Monty Python online... You can even email random insults to your friends and loved ones courtesy of Pythonline.
bullet - for some random amusement
bullet - Snide, sarcastic and satirical, Snark Bite gleefully skewers trends, entertainment, politics and whatever else has the misfortune of attracting their attention.
bullet Working Well With Others -- an interesting proposition...

Internet Search Engines

bullet !Register-It! - Promote Your Web Site! Register It! -- Promote your website.
bullet - Area Code Locator (no longer free)
bullet - for Area Code locations
bullet -- Provides 100 different tailored searches.
bullet AltaVista
bullet At Hand
bullet InfoSeek
bullet go2net | MetaCrawler
bullet Starting Point
bullet Where2Go -- Aspiring to be the most comprehensive directory of retail business on the web, this is an excellent search engine for business-related activities.
bullet WhoWhere A Virtual Yellow Pages / White Pages listing of just about anything you might want to locate -- including email addresses, taxis, hotels, pizza...
bullet Yahoo

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 Miscellaneous Important Links...

bullet - Problems with AAA Insurance?
bullet The A-Team - remember the series?
bullet - for all your appliance parts needs
bullet Bullfinch's Mythology - Greek Mythology online
bullet Camera World of Oregon - If you're looking for Cameras or Video gear, check here first!
bullet - I Love This Site!
bullet - find those  guys and gals you went to school with!
bullet Cool Site of the Day - Great way to find out what's new and interesting (strange?) as the Web continues to grow at an unbelievable pace!
bullet Coolsville - The home page of artist Roark Gourley - great graphics in addition to a Virtual Gallery of his works.
bullet - for an appropriately negativistic view of 'business as usual'
bullet The Exploratorium - one of San Francisco's best attractions.
bullet Federal Bureau of Investigation 
bullet Fighting - Martial Arts in Flash animation - very clever
bullet Send Flowers Online - online flowers, virtual flowers - delivering flowers all over the US/Canada & Internationally
bullet Your History -- put in your birth date to find out what was happening when you were born!
bullet The Last Page on the Internet - just exactly what it says...
bullet Kelley Blue Book Online
bullet Mayo Clinic Online 
bullet Naked News - seems pretty self-explanatory
bullet Live Nude Cats -- weird, but an amusing concept
bullet NASA - If I have to explain it, you're not interested anyway :-).
bullet PDR Online - The Physician's Desk Reference Online - from
bullet PG's Place - Want to see how much animation and funs stuff can be stuffed all onto one page? This is one to check out! -- also designed by someone I've known for longer than the web has been in existence.
bullet - for all your Residential Real Estate needs in Plano, Texas
bullet for when you need those important appliance parts.
bullet US Secret Service
bullet the Atomic Clock Display.
bullet Virtual Flowers - Want to send a 'virtual' bouquet -- or even a real one? This is the place.

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 Recording / Entertainment Industry Links

bullet - directories of personal managers, talent agents, and casting directors for actors, models
bullet The Ad Critic - If you love commercials, this site is a 'must see'!
bullet Assorted Shareware Audio Files - read the 00_index.txt file for a complete description list - shareware multitrack recorder ( included.
bullet A&M Studios - One of LA's finest recording studios online.
bullet AES Audio Engineering Society
bullet Bryston - Professional Amplifiers, Preamplifiers.
bullet Cassette House Blank Dats, CDRs and Cassettes.
bullet The Clio Awards - If you love commercials, this is the place for you!
bullet Creamware - Makers of the TripleDat hardware /software digital audio editing suite from Germany.
bullet Crest Audio - some of the best power amps in the world.
bullet Digibid - Online Music, Audio, Video, Lighting Auction site!
bullet Digital Audio Labs - CardD Plus Digital I/O cards.
bullet Dolby Dolby Laboratories.
bullet Focusrite Recording studio outboard equipment
bullet Harmony Central Excellent source for Internet Music / Recording links and news topics.
bullet IFILM - Independent Films
bullet JBL Professional - JBL's new home page from Harman International
bullet - for all your favorite radio commercials
bullet KSJO - My favorite FM Station in San Jose, California.
bullet KEGL - My favorite FM Station in Dallas, Texas.
bullet Evan Mather's Website 
bullet MNUSA - Music Network USA - a Los Angeles-based location for more info on the music industry in general and a way to perhaps locate some of those people you've 'lost' along the way.
bullet The New Venue - Cool independent films!
bullet Power Technology - Makers of DSP-FX real-time PC-Based effects processing hardware and software - absolutely amazing!
bullet Radio Station Guide - Find online radio stations with this tuner.
bullet The Recording Connection -- a music industry talent placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major recording studios, record labels, radio and TV stations, film studios and video production companies.
bullet Roland Corp. - Makers of fine synthesizer modules, keyboards and other music / recording products we've all come to appreciate.
bullet Russian River Records. - A fine multitrack studio I designed for the owner (Ken Ingels) several years ago. If you're in the Ukiah (Mendocino County) area of California and want to do some recording, check it out!.
bullet Santana - If I've got to explain this one, you're not interested either.
bullet Sek'd - Samplitude - Multitrack Digital recording / editing software.
bullet Sonic Foundry - Sound Forge Digital recording / editing software.
bullet Sony On-Line - Sony's home page for music, games, equipment.
bullet SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
bullet Syntrillium Software - Makers of Cool Edit Pro.
bullet - for blank tapes of all kinds
bullet Taxi -- The Independent A&R Vehicle connecting unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.
bullet THX - THX / Lucasfilms.
bullet Tinnitus FAQ - If you've ever had noticeable hearing damage or ringing in your ears, you may want to check this out.
bullet Troops - the official site 
bullet Turtle Beach - Sound Cards, CD-R systems

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Web Tools and related links

!Register-It! - Promote Your Web Site!
Promote your website.

 Add Me!

Top Sites Net 100

bullet Link -
bullet Matt's Script Archive CGI scripts galore!
bullet The Bare Bones Guide to HTML is a good "cheat sheet" for HTML authors who need a quick reference to all of the HTML tags. See the following URL:
bullet The World Wide Web FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, with Answers) answers many, many questions about HTML and the World Wide Web in general. A list of HTML editors is included. See the following URL:

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Publishing / Writing Links

bullet Clive Barker
bullet C|net
bullet sfgate - San Francisco Examiner / Chronicle
bullet Stephen King
bullet Rolling Stone Magazine Online
bullet InfoWorld Online
bullet NewMedia Magazine
bullet Fast Company Magazine - A new magazine. Well-designed website and good content - definitely deserves a visit.
bullet ZD Net - Ziff Davis Publishing - Magazines, publications on-line.
bullet z Publishing - Great site centered in San Francisco. Lots of cool publishing, resources, links to additional sites, etc.

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Travel Links

bullet Universal Currency Converter (very handy)
bullet Yahoo Maps
bullet American Airlines
bullet United Airlines
bullet National Airlines
bullet Continental Airlines
bullet Northwest Airlines
bullet Southwest Airlines
bullet US Airways
bullet Reno Air
bullet TransWorld Airlines
bullet Alaska Airlines
bullet Qantas Airways
bullet Mexicana Airlines
bullet Air France
bullet SAS - Scandinavian Airlines
bullet KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
bullet Lufthansa USA (our favorite airline)
bullet DFW - Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport
bullet LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
bullet SFO - San Francisco International Airport
bullet IAD - Washington Dulles International Airport
bullet BOS - Boston Logan Airport
bullet ORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport
bullet DEN - Denver International Airport
bullet LGA - LaGuardia Airport
bullet JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport
bullet Expedia - MSN Airline Ticketing
bullet Travelocity - Airline, Lodging and Car Rentals
bullet Travelzoo - Airline, Lodging and Car Rentals
bullet Orient Lines (Cruise Line)
bullet Texas Lodging - Texas lodging resources
bullet Cheap Tickets - Airline Ticketing
bullet - Airline Ticketing
bullet Preview Travel - Airline, Lodging and Car Rentals

Incredibly Cool Websites

bullet The Collective
bullet Digital Blasphemy
bullet Casio
bullet Shockwave
bullet Dave Matthews Band
bullet Crash Media
bullet KMG
bullet Artomic
bullet Requiem for a Dream
bullet Perpetual Bubblewrap
bullet FotoART

Harley Davidson and Related Sites

bullet Harley-Davidson
bullet Harley Owners Group - Dallas Texas Chapter
bullet Dudley Perkins Company - San Francisco, CA - Harley-Davidson - Since 1914
bullet EasyRiders Dallas (Titans, Big Dogs and Pre-owned Harleys)
bullet The Mustangs - Plano, TX Riding Club
bullet Motorcycle Safety Foundation
bullet AMN - Motorcycle News, Events and Product Information for the Motorcycle Industry
bullet Harley-Davidson Clocks
bullet Mr B's Patches
bullet Iron Bags (Saddlebags)
bullet Bullhyde Leather
bullet Dragon Works Motorcycle Accessories
bullet Heritage Saddlebag Company
bullet Highway Leather
bullet Leather Accessories ConneXion
bullet National Cycle Windshield and Accessories
bullet Osprey Limited Saddlebags
bullet A-1 Best S & S Cycle Supply - motorcycle saddlebags, clothing, jackets, chaps and accessories - all manufactured in Texas.
bullet Arlen Ness Online!
bullet Chrome Specialties
bullet Custom Chrome's Web Site!
bullet Drag Specialties
bullet Gold Coast Concepts Harley-Davidson® parts, accessories and leather apparel
bullet S&S Cycle, Inc Viola, Wisconsin
bullet Parts Direct
bullet Pro-One - Motorcycle Parts
bullet Weekend Concepts and Lazer Star - Custom Lighting


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