Pepper Spray or a Gun?

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Pepper Spray or a Gun
Warren P. Harris November 17, 1994


OK, let me see if I've got this straight. The bad guys can buy guns, capable of inflicting death in a matter of seconds with no more inconvenience than a 15 day waiting period. The good guys (that's you and me) can't purchase pepper spray for self-defense, capable of temporarily inconveniencing someone, without a) Paying for a class, b) Taking a class c) Buying the pepper spray and d) Carrying certification at all times. Am I missing something here, or have we all lost our minds?

I was considering giving pepper spray, a nice non-lethal method of keeping the creeps at bay, as Christmas presents to my wife and daughter, both of whom either work or live in San Francisco -

bullet But then I find out that it would be easier to give them guns!
bullet But carrying a concealed gun is illegal.
bullet But the bad guys do it all the time.
bullet But they could protect themselves.
bullet But they would wind up in jail if they did.

What's wrong with this picture?