Assorted Rants

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Sometimes it just feels good to rant and rave and tilt at windmills, even if it doesn't accomplish anything. Occasionally, doing so has the side benefit of actually doing some good, or at least causing others to do a bit of thinking that might not otherwise have occurred. Either way, it's a catharsis for me - and entertainment for others. Enjoy (or at least think).

Some People Think We've Lost Our Minds - Inspired by our decision to relocate to Texas from Marvelous Marin County, California.
Just another Lottery - Did you ever stop to think about just how ineffective the 'death penalty' has become? I'm proposing a solution...
God Hates Mobile Homes - Just my opinion, but I think if I were omnipotent and had to look down at all these nasty little "mobile monstrosities" I might do a little creative housekeeping myself.
Roadkill on the Information Superhighway - A true story on the hazards of the Internet and its impact on office politics. Originally published in Lies Magazine.
Fear and Loathing at 35,000 Feet - Another true story based on a less than ideal coast-to-coast flight.
Death and the Golden Gate - Maybe it's just me, but I think diving boards on the Golden Gate Bridge are a really good idea. Originally published around Thanksgiving, 1994.
The Sharks are Circling - A true story of personal experience with the "Gestapo-based" child support system in California. Ever feel like you're being screwed by 'the system'? If so, you just might appreciate this.
Don't Look Now, But You're Being Monitored - A true story also. Ever seen a Monitor lizard up close - in your kitchen?
Pepper Spray or a Gun? - I couldn't believe how complicated this entire process was, so I just had to write about it.
A Walled City - Have you ever noticed how some people just think they're a lot better than the rest of us? This was based on just such an observation of a certain Marin County community.