A Walled City

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7/23/94 Warren P. Harris

To paraphrase a popular saying: "Their problem is obvious." To even the casual observer, the recent actions by the Town of Ross must seem to indicate that they want us all to just go away and leave them alone. The ongoing problems with parking at the Natalie Coffin Green park, and now the ludicrous issue of bicyclists being slapped with $109.00 tickets would seem to clarify their position of wanting complete isolation and autonomy from the rest of Marin. Why fight when you can switch? Let's give them what they want.

In a recent letter to the editor, one Ross resident went so far as to put forth the asinine proposal that a Mill Valley resident should not travel to Ross via car, as, in so doing, he caused traffic congestion and pollution in several other municipalities en route. Upon arrival, he caused no end of consternation to Ross residents by having the audacity to actually park his car in Ross. Carrying this line of thinking to it's inevitable conclusion, Ross residents - and residents of all other Cities and Townships for that matter - should simply stay home. This is obviously a preposterous solution, but I think you get the point.

Since their intent is obvious only to those who are caught up in the fray, I propose that the Town of Ross play fair and make it clear to everyone exactly where they stand. The great walled cities of the first millennium were designed to keep out intruders and protect those within the city. Given that Ross seems to want to accomplish exactly that, perhaps they should follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and protect themselves accordingly.

If a wall is erected encircling the city, complete with guarded gates, there can be no question as to who is - and who is not - wanted in Ross. I'm sure we'll all be able to get along quite nicely without access to The Great Walled City of Ross. After all, most people will gladly stay away from places where they're not wanted - once they know they are unwelcome.