So You Wanna Be aStar ImageStar!


What do We do?
bullet We digitize up to 20 seconds of your voice.
bullet We resample, compress and store it on our site.
bullet We index it and provide a link from which prospective casting agents / producers can download and audition your sample.
bullet We advertise our site on the internet and directly to a wide assortment of multimedia companies on a regular basis.
bullet When someone contacts us regarding your voice, we connect them directly with you or your agent (your choice) and you arrange pricing and scheduling with them directly.
bullet We DO NOT act as agents on your behalf. We do not negotiate prices or logistics. That is up to you and your agent. Our role is that of a clearing-house of sorts, not an agency.

What do You do?
bullet You send us a demo tape of the highest quality available (cassette or DAT).
bullet You indicate what segment(s) you think best represent your strengths.
bullet You provide a bio and some 'marketing hype' so we can describe you in such a manner that prospective clients are inclined to audition you.
bullet You send us the following:


Your name, address, phone #, union affiliations.
Your agent's name, address, phone #.
A check made out to Harris Creative Group for $35.00 ($25.00 if we're only providing a link to a file on your own storage site).
A filled-out and signed contract agreeing to the terms below.
Contact us by email or mail directly to:

Harris Creative Group
P.O. Box 260512
Plano, TX 75026-0512


Who pays for what?
bullet You pay the initial one-time digitizing, resampling, storage and indexing fee of $35.00 or $25.00, whichever applies to you.
bullet When you receive payment for any work gained as a result of a listing on our service, your 'contract' expires, and we will require an additional $35.00 to reinstate your account. It is handled in this manner for the simple reason that we cannot accept 'commissions' from union talent, since we are not representing you. This should come out of your agent's fee, as we're doing all the preliminary work. If your agent doesn't agree, it's your responsibility to see to it that we are compensated in a timely manner.
bullet If you decide you need to change your sample for whatever reason (or add another one), an additional $35.00 fee will be charged for processing the files.
bullet We (HCG) pay for all website maintenance as well as advertising, publication and marketing details to make this effort a success for all involved.

That's all there is to it. Simply fill out the contract and send it to us along with all of the above and we'll do the rest. Be sure to include your e-mail address so we can let you know what your file name is and when it goes 'public'.