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We get a lot of requests for advice on how to break into Voiceover.  You can get these books from Amazon.com: Word of Mouth: A Guide to Commercial and Animation Voice-Over Excellence
The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice-Over

last update: 2/16/2003


Male, Female, Young, Old, Corporate to Character, we've got the VOICES you want for your projects!

Male Samples | Female Samples | Miscellaneous

RealAudio Samples for your convenience!


Just click the selections ending with .ram and beginning with (for 28.8 modems) and you'll get a streaming audio audition! - Go to the RealAudio website to download the plugin or stand-alone player if you haven't already!

We're adding new voices regularly, so check in from time to time for an updated listing. If you would like to be included in our listings, e-mail to the address below, but please check out our page on how our Listings Service operates.

All demo voice files are categorized as AMxxx, AFxxx, etc., where xx is a number from 00 to 99 with a letter extension to describe particular characteristics (G for German, C for Character, etc.). A listing with [Studio] in the description indicates this individual maintains his/her own VO studio, which may be of importance in some situations.

[ AF = Adult Female ] [ AM = Adult Male ] [ YF = Young Female ]

Descriptions in this file give an overview of the basic "style" of each file so you can determine which one(s) you might want to download and audition.

Unless accompanied by .ram extensions, all samples are anywhere from 6 to 20 seconds in length, sampled at 22khz 8 bit in WAVE format.  We will be updating all files to RealAudio shortly -- stay tuned.


When you "discover" the voice you're looking for, e-mail us with the file name, potential project, your geographical location and contact information (e-mail, phone # and address) and I will have the representative agent (or self-represented "voice") contact you directly. All are "zipped" files, so you will need PKzip or Winzip to extract them. Both can be downloaded via the Internet from various sites. E-mail for locations if you have difficulty finding either one.

Female voices

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File Name


File Size

Very crisp and professional. Commercial read. Extensive commercial experience. 35kb
Excellent commercial read. Smooth and expressive. Good 'range' Extensive commercial experience. 55kb
AF001.zip Young-sounding read. Excellent for 'small child' projects - or where an adult is needed for a child's voice. Excellent "little" and "cute" voices and characters. 143kb
AF003s.zip Spanish accent (in English) commercial read. Very energetic and expressive. 197kb
AF004e.zip (Espanol) Spanish language PSA spot. For Spanish language projects, PSA work, very well-spoken. 189kb
YF001c.zip New York sounding "character" treatment. Very expressive. 111kb
YF002.zip 'Ditzy' sounding teenager. Good when you really need an authentic young voice. 187kb
YF003.zip Young sounding, but very mature, this voice has great range and extensive CD-ROM and commercial experience. 271kb

Male voices

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File Name Description File Size
lcvoice.ram Extremely versatile... from "warm and crisp" to "friendly and upbeat". A variety of deliveries for various projects from one reliable source. Quick turn-around time from home studio with full production services available.    
28AM010.ram Commercial, personable male track. Good energy, 'commercial' production and 'read'. [Studio]  
AM003.zip Typical, articulate book-on-tape read. Extensive technical background, excellent with books-on-tape, instructional videos. 104kb
AM008.zip If you're in the market for that articulate and enthusiastic "announcer" or "station ID" voice, look no further. Rich and resonant, excellent energy. This is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most prominent TV voices. [ Studio ] 248kb
28AM009.ram Deep, powerful, rich and resonant, this is one of San Francisco's finest. With over 20 years experience in the Los Angeles and San Francisco TV markets, in addition to an extended stint as spokesman for Mervyn's, this voice is an excellent choice for Station ID, Announcer and Commercial applications. [ Telos ISDN 56 ]  
AM001.zip Semi Hyper - Deep, Rich voice. Good choice for high-energy projects. 143kb
AM002.zip Commercial - Deep voice. Excellent range, good for smooth, suave reads. 306kb
AM004g.zip Want to have some fun? German accent book-on-tape read. Good choice if you're looking for character parodies. [Studio] 59kb
AM005.zip Technical read - extensive experience in technical 'industrials'. 159kb
28AM006.ram 3 samples, Commercial and Industrial. With 10 years radio and TV broadcast experience, in addition to being a successful national speaker on numerous topics, he is well-suited to a variety of styles.  
28AM007c.ram This voice's distinctive straight delivery and wide repertoire of usable characters and dialects have kept his voice on the air for over 20 years. [ Studio ]  
28AM010.ram Good Instructional / Commercial track. Also available: commercial and warm/fuzzy styles. Extensive technical and industrial experience. [Studio]  


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flush.zip 22KHz 8 bit stereo sound of toilet flushing - distribute freely ;-).